Frontend Developer (Javascript/REACT)

  • Company: Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Job Location: Paris - France
  • Date: November 30, 2017 11:57
  • Employment Type: contract
  • Experience: medior
  • Job Functions:

    Information Technology

Job summary

As OneLab engineer, you will take part to the continuous development of the FIT Equipex facility, its maintenance and operation within the LIP6 Lab at UPMC in Paris.

The main activity will be to actively contribute to redesigning and optimizing a new version of the open-source portal called MySlice that allows experimenters to control testbeds (experimental platforms) around the world.

Each testbed provides compute and networking resources to computer scientists willing to run an experiment. These heterogeneous resources offer a wide range of technologies from wired to wireless, cloud or Internet of Things devices.

An existing API is responsible for describing the resources in an XML format. The backend of our portal is coded in python and is able to communicate with the testbeds (xmlrpc). The collected data is stored in a database (rethinkDB).

The portal frontend relies on a WebSocket and a REST API to get the data from the database. The user interface uses Javascript (REACT), html and CSS to represent the data. Any change sent by the UI to the database triggers backend services developed using Python3.5 and Tornado.

Job description

The position is to work in a French-speaking environment, however you are not required to know any French in order to start the job. Everyone in the team is fluent in English, and you will communicate in English at the European level and with partners elsewhere in the world.

The Computer Science Research Laboratory LIP6, Networks and Performance Analysis (NPA) department, UPMC Sorbonne Universités (Université de Paris VI), Paris, France.

One year contract (in French, a "CDD"), renewable for two more years.
Available immediately.

Upon qualifications and experience.
Contribution also to the Navigo travel pass (public transport) and the University canteen.


Job qualifications

Education and experience
● Higher diploma (Masters or engineering degree).

● Fluency in English.
● Basic ability in French (helpful).

● Javascript, jQuery, React.
● CSS, bootstrap.
● APIs (REST, WebSocket).
● Collaborative tools (git, svn).
● GNU/Linux and Shell.
● Python 3.

● Good communication and presentation skills (participate in meetings of European and international projects).
● Thrives in a collaborative work environment.
● Rigor in programming.